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Career Renaissance:
Redundancy Recovery Workshop

Reclaim your confidence and unleash your potential so you can arise stronger from redundancy

"Louise has a friendly and approachable manner that enables you to feel comfortable to discuss your core values, motivations and goals, whilst being able to challenge and question your thoughts and ideas. She has a way of asking questions that feels empathetic and open, and able to reflect your thoughts back and frame them in a positive way and focus on your strengths. I finished the session feeling motivated and empowered to focus on the positive outcomes of the situation and use my skills and strengths to truly think about the right next role. I would highly recommend her services"

E.A. United Kingdom ★★★★★

Redundancy is a challenging time

🤦🏻‍♀️    You can feel lost, rejected, angry and overwhelmed about what to do

🤔   You're unsure where to start, and feeling drained of all confidence

👀   You have financial obligations and it's tempting to race to find another job ASAP

STOP, and breathe. I've got you. 

It doesn't have to be this way. Redundancy can be a moment to pause and reflect on the path you're on, and what you really want next. I provide space for that reflection and help you regain a sense of control and confidence.

What you get

Career Renaissance is a 3 hour virtual workshop. The exact flow and content will be tailored to your needs, but a typical session might include:

✅ Unpacking your feelings and reactions to redundancy

✅ Exploration and clear identification of your strengths, values, and drivers

✅ Self-limiting belief-busting session to allow you to move forward with resilience

✅ A personalised CV review and feedback

✅ LinkedIn cheat-sheet with tips and hacks to optimise your profile & job-hunt effectively

✅ Action plan for going forward

This 3 hour workshop will help you to:

✅  Process how you're feeling about this change

✅  Get clear on what you want next

✅  Break free from self-limiting beliefs for lasting success

✅  Spruce-up your CV so you can get confident about the future

✅  Step out of overwhelm and into action

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That's not all. Your workshop comes with this fantastic bonus!

➡️  You'll get a free copy of the 3-Month Onboarding Plan (RRP £20). This step-by-step plan will guide you on how to onboard into a new corporate job successfully. It covers everything from making a great first impression to building effective relationships and onboarding with confidence.



Career Renaissance: Redundancy Recovery Workshop

I'm excited to share this workshop because I've been there: the news of redundancy followed by the confusion, the doubts, the search for a way forward.


I understand the ups and downs of redundancy. If you're willing to take a moment and pause, it can be a gift. There's so much scope for reinvention, new beginnings, and exciting opportunities. It can also, of course, be a time of challenge


Let's face it together. This workshop is my way of giving you the tools I wish I had.


Let's embark on this journey of self-discovery and redundancy recovery, hand in hand!

  • How does coaching work?
    At it's heart, coaching is about unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance. As the coachee, you will be doing most of the talking. As a coach, I will be listening deeply and working with you based on the parameters that we would agree in our contracting session. This might involve challenging you, pushing you outside of your comfort zone, and holding you accountable for your progress. In all instances, I will be asking questions to help you arrive at powerful insights, and decide on your own best way forward. Depending on the situation, I may bring in more of a consultative approach if that is required, where I can leverage my HR and Talent expertise to work with you on practical options to forge ahead in your career. The outcomes of coaching are down to you, and everyone's journey will be different. I firmly believe that every client has the power and capability to make meaningful and sustained changes in their own lives. Whilst I partner with you along your journey, it is up to you to take accountability for the changes you wish to see. This will be determined by how much you are open to change and engage meaningfully in the coaching sessions, as well as your commitment to taking action and following through with any exercises outside of our time together.
  • Is coaching affordable?
    Whilst I truly believe that transforming an unfulfilling career into one with meaning, purpose and alignment is definitely worth the investment, I understand that financial considerations are important. I have carefully designed options that provide excellent value for money while ensuring you still receive the transformative benefits of my coaching expertise. In addition to my coaching services, I offer a digital toolkit option which is accessible at a lower price point, allowing you to explore my content and start your personal development journey through self-directed reflection. I believe that investing in yourself is one of the smartest financial decisions a person can take.
  • When and where does coaching take place?
    A Coaching engagement typically lasts between 2-6 sessions. My Career Clarity Coaching is set up for 2 initial sessions, with the ability to extend beyond that as needed. My Career Clarity Success Programme is a longer experience (of 6 sessions over 6 weeks). We will meet virtually on Teams. If you are in the UK and wish to meet face to face, this can be discussed.
  • Why should I invest in coaching when I can just talk to my friends and support network?
    You absolutely should lean on your friends and family for ongoing support, as those relationships are so important. However, my coaching services will provide you with a different experience and a unique advantage. Whilst friends and family can provide emotional support during times of challenge, I offer professional, personalised guidance and support tailored to your unique needs and goals. By working with me in Career Clarity Coaching, I offer a dedicated space for your thinking. Together, we examine your current mindset and unlock additional perspectives in a safe and supportive environment. You will receive focused attention to help you navigate changes, get unstuck and accelerate your personal career journey. I use my skills as a coach to ask the right questions at the right time, to help you achieve meaningful insight. I will help you craft an actionable plan that will give you the structure and accountability you need to achieve your specific, personal goals and objectives.
  • Is coaching right for me?
    Career coaching is right for you if you are determined to make a change, need help thinking through your obstacles and uncovering solutions, and don't feel like this is something you can do on your own. Often, this might require being challenged outside of your comfort zone (something we would agree on together as part of our contracting). It will also require being open to new ways of thinking, and being willing to consider some potentially uncomfortable concepts or ideas. Coaching is for you if you're willing to engage openly with me as a coach. It is not for you if you don't feel yourself to be 'coachable' - that is to say, if you don't think there's anything that you need to change and are unwilling to consider different possibilities.
  • Why would I buy a digital toolkit when I can just go online to find answers?
    My digital toolkit is carefully curated to help you drive meaningful change through self-directed learning and reflection. My content is based on my years of study, direct experience, and qualifications. Unlike the generic, sometimes wrong, sometimes out-of-date information you’ll find online, my digital products are based on best-in-class HR, Talent and Coaching expertise. Additionally, they provide a space for reflection, actionable insights, practical exercises, and coaching moments that are specifically designed to help you accelerate your career development journey. By investing in my digital toolkit, you are leveraging my career’s worth of knowledge to gain access to this premium content.

Ready to rise stronger than ever?

Don't let fear, dejection and overwhelm keep you stuck. Take the first step towards a brighter future by booking yourself into a workshop TODAY. 

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