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Rated 5/5 by valued clients

Career Burnout: Essential Survival Handbook

✅  Understand the different types of burnout and what they look like

✅  Support you with exercises and examples of how burnout might be impacting you

✅  Realise why you're feeling the way you're feeling

✅  Learn the immediate steps to take to forge a way out of burnout


"This really helped me understand what was going on, thank you"

Sarah, United Kingdom  ★★★★★

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Burnout isn't just from working 'too hard'

😣   It can be as a result of a variety of situations and causes

😒   This includes chronic boredom, isolation and misalignment

🤯   It can include overwhelm, and a lack of support to deal with stressors

In my Career Burnout: Your Essential Survival Handbook, I pull back the covers on all the ways that Burnout can show up and impact us. I want you to have the information you need to recognise burnout, identify it when it comes, and take the first steps to a healthier future

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Your 60-page Career Burnout Survival Handbook gives you instant access to...

✅ Understanding how burnout can show up across 4 key types which I categorise as: Too Much, Too Little, Misalignment and Isolation

✅ Learn what these look like so you can better understand what type or combination of types you might be suffering from.

✅ Reflect on how to start to rebuild from burnout through practical strategies and exercises.


"This was really empowering to help me understand that what I was experiencing in my boring job was actually burnout!”

Kim, UK  ★★★★★


Career Burnout Survival Handbook

As a Career Coach, I see Burnout as one of the most common issues facing people in the workplace today.

I see it in my clients, who come to me feeling broken and often in tears. I see it in society, where 8 out of 10 employees are expected to experience burnout in 2024. And I've noticed it in myself and my colleagues, friends and loved ones in the past.

This is a really important topic, and yet there's a good deal of misunderstanding surrounding it.

People think they can't be burntout, if they aren't working crazy hours or have an awful boss. But they can.

This Handbook is designed to explain the various ways that Burnout can show up, and how you can work towards a healthier, brighter future.


Here are results from real clients

Find out why my clients keep coming back for more.

"Helped me understand it"

"This really helped me understand what was going on, thank you

Sarah, UK


Equip yourself with knowledge about what Burnout can look like

Get your Handbook today and be empowered to identify, recognise and tackle burnout.

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