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Rated 5/5 by valued clients

Land with impact in your new job with the 3 Month Onboarding Plan

✅  Start your new role with calm and confidence

✅  Banish those nerves by having a clear plan 

✅  What to do, with whom, and when 

✅  Eliminate unnecessary stress so you can focus on the important things!


"This is great - it's really easy to follow and helped me go into my new role with confidence"

Kate, United Kingdom  ★★★★★

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Starting a new role can feel overwhelming

🤦🏻‍♀️   You might be wrestling with feelings of imposter syndrome 

🤔   You're unsure of what to actually do on your first day and in your first week

👀   You feel under pressure to prove that they've made the right decision in hiring you

Don't panic! These are all normal feelings. My 3 Month Onboarding Plan lays out exactly what you need to do in your first week, first month, and first 90 days in the role

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Your 30-page 3 Month Onboarding Plan gives you instant access to ...

✅  First Week - How to make a great first impression, set yourself up for success with your boss, meet the team and grow your understanding of the wider function

✅  First Month - Shape your objectives, engage in team projects and deepen your relationships with key stakeholders

✅  First 90 Days - Demonstrate your contributions, share your perspectives, identify emerging development needs and expand your network


You'll also receive 3 Free Bonuses worth £20 to help you thrive in your new role!

  • Top Mistakes to Avoid As A New Joiner!

  • Owning Your Growth

  • How To Be Great At Feedback!

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"This was just what I needed to help me feel relaxed and in control as I started my new job. Thanks!

Sophie, USA  ★★★★★



3 Month Onboarding Plan

I'm so excited to share this plan with you. Starting a new role is already filled with so many nerves. You start to tell yourself a story about what other people will think about you, and can work yourself into a tizz!

I want to take away the feelings of apprehension by giving you clarity on what 'great' will look like in your first 90 days.


This plan is designed for people in their early to mid careers. By laying out the types on conversations you should be having, meetings you should be joining, and how to engage with different stakeholders - I hope you can relax and go into your new role knowing you have a great plan!


Here are results from real clients

Find out why my clients keep coming back for more.

"Just what I needed"

"This was just what I needed to help me feel relaxed and in control as I started my new job. Thanks!

Sophie, USA


Ready to prepare for your new role?

Don't let yourself fall into a panic. Achieve clarity on what you'll do in your first 90 days so you can relax and focus on impressing your new team with your authentic self. 

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